• With over 40 combined years of experience in logistics, project management and installation, our company's professional management staff has a track record of success across a variety of multifamily and hospitality projects.

  • The construction industry is always evolving.  We set ourselves apart in our ability to draw from past experiences while adapting and adjusting to the latest technology and products.



  • Our team is consistently involved throughout the construction process, from conceptual discussions through installation and final completion.

  • We know that detailed planning sets projects up for success, and unrelenting determination and follow through ensures those plans become reality.


Work Ethic

  • Stack Rock Construction brings a philosophy of hard work and excellence to every project, regardless of size!

  • We have an unparalleled devotion to the work we do.  This passion promotes a can-do culture both within and outside our company.



  • We pride ourselves in our ability to perform efficiently and safely under the toughest of constraints.

  • Stack Rock Construction welcomes the challenges of unique and ambitious scopes of work, demanding schedules and exceeding expectations!



  • Maintaining positive relationships with our clients is our highest priority.

  • A large percentage of the work we do is repeat business with clients who know they can count on us to perform.